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Old Baldy, Canada | photo by Cameron Schaus

Ventana Chapter Schedule - hike ratings

General Information

All outings begin and end at the trailhead. Carpooling to and from the trailhead is strictly a private arrangement between the driver and his/her guests. Carpool drivers are not agents or employees of the Sierra Club; the driver alone, not the Sierra Club, is responsible for the safety of guests while carpooling.

Explanation of Hike Ratings

The following explanations are general guidelines. The outings described vary in difficulty from leisurely walks to strenuous hikes. (For more information about the difficulty of a particular hike, call the leader)

> Walk: Between 2-5 miles, leisurely pace.
> Easy: No more than 5 miles a day; slight elevation gain; easy pace.
> Moderate: 5-10 miles a day; up to 2,000 ft. elevation gain 1 to 2 1/2 mph; boots; better than average fitness required.
> Strenuous:   Distance variable; may involve off-trail hiking; demanding pace; for experienced hikers in good condition only.