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Aspen highlands | photo by Matt Feyerabend
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Sierra Club hikers at the Forest of Nisene Marks.
Photo by Dwight Goehring

Go take lead a hike
August 2009

by Lynn Bomberger

Walking is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise that we can do for our health. It's one of the least expensive outdoor recreation activities, has a low rate of injury and can be done year round! When we walk for exercise, we can lose weight, increase cardiovascular capacity, improve balance, save our joints (versus running), manage stress, prevent osteoporosis, decrease cholesterol, and on and on. So, what more can we ask for? Well, we can add two more items to the list. One is to view, admire and learn about nature, and the other is to meet a variety of active people.

We are very lucky to have hundreds of miles of beautiful, trails nearby where there are group outings on the weekends and many week days. The hikes range from Senior Saunters to a 23-mile marathon hike. Most hikes are somewhere in between.

While it is great to get out and hike with a group, it is also enjoyable to lead hikes. Certainly there are some responsibilities but there are many rewards. At this time, we are seeking additional Sierra Club hike leaders. If you are interested, please contact Anneliese Suter, 624-1467, in the Monterey area, or George Jammal, 706-4233, in the Santa Cruz area. Or quiz your favorite Sierra Club hike leader.

Become a hike leader.